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Updated: Jun 27, 2021


Even though it may not be easy, the answer to a successful marriage

is quite simple.


If you’re the type of person who loves marriage, you’ve probably been dreaming about a beautiful, exciting, adventurous marriage. Your spouse is your best friend, and you can’t imagine life without them.

Well, while marriage can be the most wonderful thing, it’s almost impossible to navigate it without some challenges. And because of these challenges, some marriages end up lost.

There’s no secret formula or tutorial on how to have a successful marriage, but there are definitely some important keys to keep in mind.

Let’s talk about them.

3 keys to a successful marriage :

1. Trust

Right off the bat: no relationship can thrive without trust, especially a marriage.

Trust is the base upon which the other 2 keys we’re going to talk about today are built. So, without it, your relationship will be very difficult.

Your spouse is the person you need to know you can count on, rely on, and have as a teammate in good and tough times. Moreover, if you value loyalty, trust plays an essential role in nurturing this, as it builds a foundation of security.

How to build and keep trust

You probably already know this, but communication is essential. Openness, honesty, and transparency should be reciprocated. Once each of you can believe what the other one says, you remove a lot of tension and anxiety.

Besides communication, consistency and reliability are huge parts of what makes a marriage successful. You need to be able to trust each other that you’ll get things done or help when needed.

2. Connection

In the beginning, most marriages are very dreamy. You can’t get enough of each other and it’s like walking on clouds.

It’s beautiful, but, over time, you will have to put in some effort to keep the spark going.

How to connect with your spouse:

You can reignite connection with the simplest things: a cuddle, a good conversation, a touch, watching a movie, going on dinner dates etc.

There are so many things you can do to make sure you’re doing your best to maintain a successful marriage. And the good news is: they don’t have to be super complicated or grand, you just have to show up as often as possible ready to make an effort.

That’s exactly why the next key element to a successful marriage is commitment.

3. Commitment

Many marriages fail because partners stop showing up for each other. They stop putting in the effort to make it work.

Sure, sometimes, things get really hard and frustrating, and keeping the commitment seems like the hardest thing in the world, but that’s exactly when you both need it the most.

How to keep the commitment

There’s really no way to keep a commitment unless you want to. Giving it up is extremely easy, so you’re the one that has to push yourself to keep your promises.

Reflect on your marriage, yourself, and your situation.

Take a moment to breathe in fights or in difficult situations - is there a way to make this work better? Could you think more clearly about it and decide? Is this going to hurt your marriage? Is it worth it?

So, this is what makes a successful marriage.

It doesn’t seem like much, right? It’s definitely quite simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. However, it’s so worth it to fight for the person you chose to spend your life with.

Remember that!

Don’t know where to start?

If you want to improve your marriage, I have a “Improve Your Marriage in 30 Days challenge” - Click here to download and get started today!




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