Updated: Oct 6, 2020

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”

- Mahatma Gandhi -

It is no secret that there has been an increase in depression and anxiety in the last decade. With that said, it would be fair to say that many people who say they are ok are in fact not. Mind health is foundational to a person’s ability to function and be part of society, it is therefore critical that we tend to our mind health to ensure we have healthy societies.

A healthy mind is the balance of your mental and emotional state which enables a person to function effectively in their day-to-day tasks. When your mind is not balanced it can be a struggle for a person to perform daily tasks that would normally be easy. When menial tasks become difficult, this is a sign that maybe your mind health is out of balance. This can be a result of trauma, negative experiences or even chemical imbalance in the brain. I have put together 6 tips for a healthy mind, but before I get into those, here are some red flags that might indicate your mind health is out of balance:

  • Depletion of excitement for activity that you previously enjoyed

  • Struggle to perform daily tasks

  • Sleeping for unusually long periods of time or an inability to sleep

  • Decreased appetite

  • Thoughts of suicide

  • Constant feeling of hopelessness

If you are struggling with any of the above, you may be experiencing mind health issues.

My 6 tips for a healthy mind can help you find a new and healthy balance in your mind.

1. Watch your thoughts

Everything starts with a thought. Your thoughts are the actions of the inner mind that send us down certain paths. If you constantly dwell on negative thoughts, it will lead to a path of negativity, where your perspective on everything is through a negative lens. Keep an eye on your thoughts. If you notice you are dwelling more frequently on unhealthy negativity such as anger, unforgiveness, past trauma and so on, give yourself permission to change the path you are going. You choose with your thoughts which path you will go down.

2. Recognise the triggers

Start to get good at understanding what sets off your unhealthy thought patterns. When you recognise what triggers your reactions, you are able to come up with a strategy on what you will do once you have been triggered. You are in a more powerful position to take back control of your reactions when you know your triggers.

3. Eat a healthy diet

A well balanced diet is responsible for brain health and overall body health. When you feel physically healthy it is much more likely you will also start to find your mind is healthy. You feel more energetic and balanced when your diet is in control.

4. Get a good night's sleep

Sleep is a medicine all on its own. A good night's sleep can take care of your emotional health and look after your mental state. Sleep is highly underrated and yet super important to a healthy mind. Give yourself the gift of a bed routine that winds your mind down and prepares your body to be rejuvenated to take on the next day. Also set your alarm so you don't sleep.

5. Put the screens away

At this point it is becoming clear that most of us spend too much time on our screens. Set yourself screen time limits and stick to it. Don’t watch your screen too late into the night as this can affect your sleep. Your mind health is more important than binge watching another tv series on Netflix.

6. Find activities that lead to a healthy mind

This will look different for each person. For some it is hardcore exercise, for others it could be breathing exercises, time with a friend, listening to relaxing music, volunteering for a charity to help others less fortunate. Whatever it is for you, find that activity that sparks a positive connection in your brain and do it consistently.

If you struggle with mind health, you don’t have to be alone with it. My company exists to help and coach women like you, through the hardships of life. I want to see you whole and living your potential. Check out my coaching options along with other helpful resources from here.

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